Safety Action Plan


TransPro Intermodal Trucking Inc. will have safety professionals to support safety and compliance efforts of TransPro Transportation employees and independent contractors. This group is a resource for information, consultation, oversight and technical support of our safety activities. The responsibility for safety lies with all employees and contractors. Our safety staff is comprised of 2 positions

  1. Loss Control Manager
  2. Compliance Manager

Loss Control Manager

The LCM is responsible for reporting the results of investigation and managing liability for all accidents, incidents, spills, and near misses for TransPro drivers. Key responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate proper and thorough investigation of all accidents and injuries.
  • Facilitate the accident review committee according to ATA guidelines.
  • Maintain files on all incidents where TransPro drivers have incurred a loss.
  • Analyze all losses and provide management with accurate statistics.
  • Administer the call in compliance program.
  • Administer and report on all workers comp cost.
  • Communicate Injury, Accident, Spill and Incident information to locations on a weekly basis.

Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager is responsible for monitoring DOT, OSHA, EPA and Safety compliance of TransPro Drivers and reporting and deficiencies. This position must stay abreast and understand and regulatory changes and keep all necessary employees or contractors current in such changes. Key responsibilities include:

  • Administer the drug testing program.
  • Administer the driver log program.
  • Review all DOT roadside inspections.
  • Assure TransPro Drivers is in compliance with all DOT rules and regulations.
  • Administer the discipline system.
  • Advise management and effected personnel of any changes or violations FMCSA and DOT rules.
  • Insure all written programs and training are in place a conducted in such a manner that affected employees and contractors understand the regulations.
  • Insure all required training is complete.
  • Inspect safety of all facilities owned and operated by TransPro Intermodal Trucking to insure compliance of regulations is followed.


TransPro Intermodal Trucking Inc. has a safety organization that promotes communications throughout the organization concerning all issues that impact the safety of our employees and contractors and our compliance with all regulatory agencies. The safety structure of this organization will:

Provide a method for identifying, communicating, and correcting workplace hazards.
Allow for involvement and participation of all employees and contractors.
Provide for continuous training and development of employees and contractors in the areas of safety and compliance.
Provide for accountability of unsafe acts, accidents, and injuries.


Communication is a vital part of TransPro Intermodal Trucking’s Safety action plan. The purpose of the Safety Communication System is to communicate information throughout the organization to assist TransPro to achieve its goal of ZERO. Following is a list of the methods TransPro will use to communicate the cause and solutions for all incidents.

  1. Email will be utilized to communicate audit and investigation information to all TransPro locations
  2. Safety Bulletin Boards will be utilized to post audit investigation information to all TransPro Transportation employees and contractors.


  • Locations Safety Committee Minutes
  • Central Safety Committee Minutes
  • Location Near Miss Incident reports
  • Location Accident Reports
  • Location Injury Reports
  • Location Audits
  • Accident Review Incident Reports
  • Loss Control Injury Reports
  • Loss Control Accident Reports
  • Loss Control Spill Reports
  • Principals of Safety and Health
  • Current status of safety goals for Corporate, TransPro and the individual location
  • Safety Action Plan
  • Drivers Call In’s
  • Zero is Possible (Banners and Sign’s)
  • Self-Audits
  1. Monthly and quarterly meetings will be utilized to pass along information and training to TransPro employees and contractors.
  2. Location safety committees will forward information to the CSC and likewise CSC will pass along information to all TransPro’s transportation locations.
  3. Suggestion boxes will be utilized to get concerns from employees and contractors to bring information to their local safety committee
  4. A copy of the safety action plan will be forwarded to all employees each year.
  5. Monthly Safety Awareness Bulletins



Achieving and injury free workplace will require a conscious effort from all employees and contractors. Individual safety is the building block to a safety culture within the organization. Their individual successes in safety and the importance of the role they played in achieving our goals should be recognized. However, realizing our goal of Zero injuries requires a team effort of 100% participation and likewise, this and its significance should also be recognized.

TransPro Intermodal trucking Inc. will follow the corporate guidelines for Health and Safety Promotion/ Recognition See the Corporate Safety Action Plan for details on allocations

Plaques will be presented to all locations to display and “milestone” Badges will be presented to attach to plaques. The milestone awards are as follows.

Silver Award:

No lost work day incidents 1 Year
2 Years
3 Years

Gold Award:

No recordable incident 1 Year
2 Years
3 Years