Intermodal Trucking Services in Bensalem and Philadelphia, PA

When you need intermodal trucking services in Bensalem, PA, Philadelphia, or the surrounding areas, we are proud to offer the top solutions in the industry. At Transpro Intermodal Trucking Inc., our team provides options for logistics companies and shippers throughout the region. When you need trucking services, we are proud to offer the top solutions in the industry. Turn to us today to discuss our affordable pricing options for your specific contract.

Using Intermodal Trucking

Whether you are importing or exporting goods, it is important to choose a trucking company you can count for your transports. If you are a shipper, freight forwarder, broker, or logistics company, let us handle your needs. Our intermodal transport system is designed for use by both ship and rail.

Intermodal Trucking in Bensalem, PAOur company features a fleet of 15 trucks available to serve every type of hauling need for our customers. We provide container drayage to and from ports and railroads in Philadelphia, as well as New York and New Jersey. Our services include scheduling of warehousing appointments, trucking pickup, delivery of your goods, and other options. We can transport all types of goods, including refrigerated goods like produce, general freight, machinery, hazardous materials, and all types of import and export products. For your convenience, we also offer yard storage, and can supply a chassis for your hauling needs.

How the Process Works

Container Drayage in Bensalem, PADomestic shipments usually start with delivery of an empty railroad-owned container or trailer from the nearest intermodal facility to the shipper's dock. Trailer and container sizes and types vary, and customers can use their own or rent equipment from us. After everything is loaded, the container or trailer is picked up and delivered to an intermodal facility.

Containers often are loaded two high, or double-stacked, to allow twice as many shipments to be moved on one train. This saves customers money, enhances transportation efficiencies, and supports NS conservation efforts by saving fuel and reducing emissions. When it's time to load, the terminal hostler positions the container or trailer beside the rail car that will be used for the line haul. A crane carefully lifts the container or trailer and positions it securely on the car for departure.

The Latest Tools for the Job

Ensure your shipments are loaded properly when you trust us with your services. We use the latest technology to complete every project. You can track your freight online using tools to connect with the customer service center for support enroute. When your load reaches its destination, we electronically notify the local trucker that the unit is ready for final delivery to the destination dock. The trucker picks the load up and delivers it to your chosen location.